Am I Too Young For Dentures?

If you’re missing teeth and want to restore your smile, come visit our Helotes office! We’ll start with a consultation to assess your oral health and explore the options available to replace your missing teeth. Dentures are not just for older people.

Five Reasons Teeth Cleanings Are Essential

Preventive dental care is one of the best ways to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy and your smile in tip-top shape. Helotes Family Dental offers a Dental Wellness Plan which is a great way to get the preventive care you need and also save money on other dental services.

Oral Hygiene Summer Tips

A good oral hygiene routine can reduce or eliminate your risk for many common dental ailments. Protect your teeth and smile this summer by following these tips from Helotes Family Dentistry!

5 Dental Bridge Health Benefits

We provide both dental bridges and full dentures along with dental implants. If you have any questions about what this restorative treatment can do for you, contact Helotes Family Dentistry. We’re happy to help you decide which of the many options would best fit your goals and budget!

What to Expect with a Tooth Extraction

At Helotes Family Dentistry, we always consider all other options before removing a tooth, like root canal therapy. When it’s better for your health to remove a severely infected tooth or a bothersome wisdom tooth, our experienced dentists will gently take care of the extraction.

How to Handle a Dental Emergency

A little preparation in the form of knowledge can help you know how to react properly in the event of a dental emergency. This can not only save you stress and time, but also potentially save your tooth. Helotes Family Dentistry offers emergency dental care.