Removing wisdom teeth upon their formation can eliminate future dental problems. Dealing with the issue early-on can prevent you from having a dental emergency and needing immediate removal. If you’re looking for wisdom teeth removal in Helotes, we’ve got you covered!

The team at Helotes Family Dentistry takes comprehensive X-rays to understand exactly where your wisdom teeth are placed. We’ll create a detailed plan to remove them safely and as comfortably as possible. For optimal healing time, you’ll be provided with comprehensive aftercare instructions. Schedule your consultation with our team today!

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Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Removing wisdom teeth poses several benefits to your oral and overall health. The most notable include:

Leaving wisdom teeth in place can cause overcrowding and potentially shift the surrounding teeth.

Wisdom tooth pain is often caused by the tooth erupting at an angle. This can lead to headaches, swelling, and even fever.

When gums become swollen, they leave pockets for bacteria to invade and cause damage to both the tooth and gums.

Inflamed gums are painful and difficult to clean, leading to more bacteria buildup.

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Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal

The cost of wisdom teeth extraction differs from patient to patient. During your initial consultation, we will take X-rays and determine how extensive your procedure will be. Once we create a treatment plan, you will be provided with a full cost breakdown. We are insurance friendly and we offer several payment options, including CareCredit®. For our uninsured patients, we offer a dental wellness plan so you can still get quality dentistry at an affordable price.

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