If you have been searching for a cosmetic dental treatment that can makeover your smile without breaking the bank, Snap-On Smile might be the perfect option for you!

Snap-On Smile is a more affordable alternative to porcelain veneers, and patients like that Snap-On Smile is completely removable and doesn’t require any teeth to be modified. To learn more about Snap-On Smile or schedule a consultation with our team, please get in touch with our front office!

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What is Snap-On Smile?

Snap-On Smile is a custom dental appliance that is made to fit over your natural teeth and look like a better version of your smile. We will work with you to determine your ideal shade of white and the size and shape you want your teeth to be. Once impressions are taken, your Snap-On Smile will be designed and created, and we’ll have you come back to our office and “snap on” your new smile. Snap-On Smile is removable, unlike veneers, and a very cost-effective cosmetic solution for patients who want a total smile makeover.

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Does Snap-On Smile protect your teeth?

Snap-On Smile is purely a cosmetic service, and it will not protect or strengthen weak or damaged teeth. If you need one or two teeth covered that have been affected by tooth decay or dental trauma, a crown or a veneer could be a better option for your smile. Our office also offers custom mouthguards that you can use to protect your teeth at night or during athletic events. If your teeth and gums are in good shape and you are just looking to instantly enhance the overall appearance of your teeth, Snap-On Smile is a great choice!

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Should I get veneers or Snap-On Smile?

If you aren’t sure which option to go with, our team can help you decide during your consultation with our office. Veneers are more of a financial investment than Snap-On Smile, and they are considered a permanent treatment because the teeth have to be reshaped before the veneers can be placed. If you are looking for a more affordable, removable option, then Snap-On Smile is probably the way to go. Ready to get started? Feel free to give our office a call or send us a message to schedule your convenient consultation!

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