Looking for a dentist to modify your smile with dental veneers? At Helotes Family Dentistry, we offer natural-looking veneers designed to give you the perfect smile you’ve always desired.

Our team is equipped with an accurate skillset and an artistic eye to give you a flawless smile that is both functional and beautiful. Contact our office for your veneers consultation today!

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Veneers FAQs

Due to the shaping of your natural tooth, porcelain veneers are considered a permanent cosmetic treatment. However, with adequate planning, we’re confident you’ll be fully satisfied with your smile after treatment and won’t have any desire to reverse its effects.

When cared for properly, dental veneers can last up to fifteen years or longer. Veneers require the same care as your natural teeth — brushing at least twice daily, flossing regularly, and incorporating an oral rinse. For added protection, you may invest in a nightguard to avoid damage caused by any grinding or clenching during sleep.

The veneers procedure takes place in a series of steps. First, your smile imperfections will be evaluated and a custom treatment plan will be created to correct them. Next, we’ll remove a thin layer of enamel and perform any necessary shaping to allow your veneers to sit properly over your teeth. Then, we’ll take impressions of your teeth and send them off to a lab to have your custom porcelain shells made. Lastly, your veneers will be permanently bonded to your teeth.

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Treatable Cases

Veneers are a relatively simple way to bring uniformity to your smile. While each patient is different, there are a few common imperfections that veneers can correct, including:

  • Discoloration
  • Tooth size
  • Tooth shape
  • Subtle misalignment
  • Small gaps

Dental Veneers’ Cost

The cost of your dental veneers depends on the number you’re having placed and the amount of prep work your natural teeth need. During your first visit, we will examine your full mouth, recommend a treatment plan, and provide you with a full cost breakdown. If you’re concerned about out-of-pocket costs, we offer a variety of financing options to make your veneers price a bit more manageable.

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