3 Benefits of Choosing a Family Dentist

Smiling multi-generational family sitting on the grass with a soccer ball. Different dentists have different specializations. Some dentists focus on pediatrics while others are family dentists. Helotes Family Dentistry, serving Helotes, TX, and the surrounding area, is a family dentist serving patients of all ages. Our office is also able to accommodate patients with special needs. Read on to learn the benefits of choosing a family dentist.

1. See the Same Dentist for Many Years

Since a family dentist specializes in people who are of various ages, you may keep your family dentist as your practitioner for years to come. Instead of aging out of a pediatric dentist when your children reach adulthood, they can continue to visit the same familiar dentist that they have grown up with. Our Helotes dentists look forward to treating the children of patients who were children when they started visiting our office!

2. Entire Family Can See the Same Dentist

It’s a pain when you have to keep track of many different doctors and dentists. You have numerous appointments to monitor and various locations to travel to in order to reach the practitioners. When you choose to see a family dentist, every member of your family may visit the same dentist. You only have one dental office’s name and location to remember. Plus, Helotes Family Dentistry offers block appointments so that you can schedule all your family’s routine dental appointments for the same day. This saves time and simplifies your life.

3. Have a Practitioner with Experience

A family dentist has a great deal of experience dealing with dental issues affecting patients of all ages. Therefore, he or she can address various issues that you experience throughout your life. Even though our family dentists don’t specialize in pediatrics, they are skilled in children’s dentistry and they like kids! Helotes Family Dentistry offers a wide range of treatments for every member of your family. Therefore, we can be your one-stop shop for all of your dental needs. We welcome new patients! Contact us to schedule your next visit.  

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