Dental New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

Happy New Year 2021 on a navy blue background with fireworks on the perimeter
Image by Markéta Machová from Pixabay

At the beginning of the new year, many people make resolutions for themselves. These goals can include reading more, exercise, and other self-improvement practices. Have you thought about dental health resolutions? Here are four to consider in 2021.

1. Keep Up With Great Oral Hygiene at Home

When you take great care of your smile at home, you’re much less likely to deal with problems when you visit Helotes Family Dentistry. Brush at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and floss once a day. If you do this already and are looking to improve, don’t hesitate to ask! We can offer advice on how to upgrade your habits and get your teeth even cleaner and healthier this year.

2. Visit the Dentist at Least Twice This Year

The other part of maintaining great oral health is visiting our office every six months. Professional cleanings get rid of hardened plaque – known as tartar – which you can’t remove at home. Exams catch problems like gum disease and tooth decay. If you stick to the biannual schedule, we’ll likely identify any issues early before they become serious. For patients with periodontal disease or who are at risk, we might recommend 3-4 appointments a year.

3. Don’t Smoke or Use Tobacco Products

Smoking and using tobacco products is linked to problems like tooth stains, gum disease, and even oral cancer. If you currently use tobacco, this is a great year to make a plan to quit. Your oral health as well as your overall health will improve if you avoid smoking and tobacco products this year!

4. Take Advantage of Your Insurance or Our Wellness Plan

Many patients who have dental insurance aren’t aware of all the benefits they get. Every year, some go to waste. This year, resolve to make the most of your insurance plan. If you don’t have insurance, take a look at our in-house wellness plan! Members receive certain preventive care at no extra cost (like two regular or periodontal cleanings and two exams) and discounts on other treatments and services.

Your Oral Health Is a Priority at Helotes Family Dentistry

In 2021, resolve to improve your oral health. At our family-friendly office in Helotes, we’re all about providing high-quality dental care at an affordable price. Come visit us this year for preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. We’re also here for emergencies. If you have any questions about our services or want to schedule an appointment, please contact us today!

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