Foods That Are Notorious for Cracking Teeth

If you’ve ever cracked a tooth, you know the shock that comes with it. One moment you’re enjoying a snack, the next moment you’re in desperate need of a visit to our office. The first thing we want you to remember is to not panic if you break a tooth. We can help. But there are some things you can do to help prevent it from happening. While chipping a tooth can happen from an injury, it’s most likely to happen when you eat things that aren’t tooth-friendly. Here are the foods you’ll want to watch out for to keep your teeth from cracking.

candy cane and cookies for santa can crack teeth

Hard Candy

We all love a piece of hard candy or need a cough drop now and again, but hard candy can wreak havoc on your teeth if you bite down wrong. Not to mention that the sugar in the candy will contribute to tooth decay even if you don’t crack the tooth. Be very careful with these small treats.

Hard Bread

Hard, stale, or crispy bread can crack teeth. A baguette or piece of biscotti can do major damage to a weakened tooth. The same can be said about tough bread or tortillas that may be overcooked or chewy.

Popcorn Kernels

The last thing you want is to be on a movie date and crack a tooth! A lot of people love chewing on kernels. We advise against this. It’s very risky if you want to maintain all of your pearly whites.

Frozen Treats

Frozen bananas, candy bars, or hard ice cream bars can be dangerous for teeth. Those that have chewy ingredients like caramel are especially rough on teeth. If you have to really bite down and pull on anything to get a bite, it’s not good. Wait until it melts a bit to take a stiff bite.

Wings & Ribs

The problem with wings and ribs is that there’s always a chance that you could bite down hard on bone. For this reason, we advise eating ribs and wings with a fork. If you hate this idea, just exercise caution and bite down slowly.

Fruits with Pits

The same problem applies to seeded fruits like cherries and olives. We tend to bite down hard and can chip a tooth when it breaks on a pit. Make sure if you’re eating these fruits to eat around the seed and spit it out as soon as you can. Chew slowly and softly.

If you do break a tooth, contact us right away. We are here to help. We will repair your tooth in no time and get you feeling back to your old self (and favorite foods) in no time. Happy chewing!

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